Mr. Entz is a graduate of Kansas University where he obtained his degree in Business.  Mr. Entz then attended Washburn University, where he obtained a juris doctorate and a Masters in Business.  Mr. Entz has 20 years experence in the areas of workers compensation defense, construction litigation, and business law.  Mr. Entz primarily represent employers, contractors, architects, project owners, insurance carriers and sureties.


Workers Compensation

Mr. Entz routinely carries a caseload of 75 to 100 pending litigated workers compensation claims, and regularly appears for adminstrative law judges in Topeka, Salina, Hutchinson, Wichita, Hays, Lawrence, Emporia and Kansas City.


Construction Litigation

Mr. Entz worked construction while in school, and has practice law in this area for 20 years.  The following is a sample of Mr. Entz's construction litigation experience.**

  • Litigation against owner and architect to recover delay and impact costs associated with defective plans and specifications. (Settled out of court: $750,000)

  • Litigation by prime contractor against construction manager for negligent and deficient accounting practices. (Settled out of court: $850,000)

  • Litigation by general contractor against owner who withheld excessive funds for alleged defects. (Prevailed at trial recovering 97% of disputed amount; $97,000)

  • Litigation by family wronged by national building contractor for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation for poor construction. (Jury verdict for $302,841.95 (includes award for attorney’s fees)).  Mr. Entz argued this matter before the Kansas Supreme Court.

  • Litigation defending municipality against general contractor’s claim for $459,103.37 for alleged additional costs in excess of contract balance for alleged delay and impact damages. (Case settled; municipality paying contract balance less $72,000 for liquidated damages)

** The outcomes of the cases listed on this webpage were dependant of the facts and legal circumstances involved in each case.  Therefore, you should not use this information as a basis for setting expectations for any claim you may have. 


Tobacco Litigation

Litigation on behalf of State of Kansas against tobacco companies. Mr. Entz formulated a legal argument leading to a court order requiring the tobacco companies to disclose thousands of documents that were withheld under a claim that the documents were "privileged."  Kansas was the first and only state in the multi-state tobacco litigation to obtain a court order requiring disclosure of the highly sensitive documents.  The tobacco litigation in multiple states settled soon after the Kansas Court of Appeals affirmed the order requiring disclosure of the documents.